About Us

South Louisiana (SOLA) is arguably the most fascinating environment in the United States. After all, we are the Sportsman’s Paradise. From diverse ecosystems and the Mississippi fly-way to miles of levees and industrial infrastructure, South Louisiana is definitely unique. Everyone in south Louisiana has a story about this inspiring and one-of-a-kind place. Some great, some tragic but all worth hearing. SOLA2050.ORG strives to be a multi-media platform to share and explore the fascinating stories of South Louisiana’s people and their relationship to the environment.

CALLING ALL FILMMAKERS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, ARTISTS, EVERYONE who calls Louisiana home; share your story about SOLA. Contact us here. Need help putting your story together? No problem, we have extensive experience and the necessary equipment to help you share your story.

History of SOLA2050:

In early 2008, acclaimed writer and filmaker, Jon Bowermaster came to Louisiana to make a film about SOUTH LOUISIANA and the people here whose lives depend on the water. During this process, Jon connected with the Executive Director of the Louisiana Environmental Action Network (LEAN), Marylee Orr, and her sons Paul and Michael Orr. Jon had first met Marylee many years earlier while writing about the industrial corridor along the MISSISSIPPI RIVER in Louisiana and utilized LEAN’s connections again for his latest film: SoLa, Louisiana Water Stories. While filming SoLa, the BP Oil Spill began and Jon worked to document its impacts including the work of LEAN, Marylee, Paul and Michael Orr.

Released in 2010, SOLA is an extremely powerful and educational film that presents many of the environmental issues facing south Louisiana as told through the stories of the local individuals working to address them. The film can be seen in its entirety, for free, online HERE.

With the inspiration of SoLa, and the blessing of Jon, Paul and Michael Orr set about continuing and expanding upon this valuable work. SOLA2050.ORG is an online extension of the spirit of Sola, the movie. Paul and Michael called upon long-time friend, web consultant and extraordinary photographer Jeffrey Dubinsky to round out the creative team behind the project. Sola2050.org aims to create an engaging online resource that documents the stories of individuals in South Louisiana as they relate to the environment through video, photography and maps. The Maps of SoLa section has been built with the generous technical assistance of skilled GIS expert Guiyuan Wang.

The stories chronicled on SoLa2050.org explore a vast array of environmental related topics including: recreation(canoeing, fishing, hiking, etc.), agriculture, conservation, industrial pollution, etc. These stories offer food for thought, fascinating perspectives, thoughtful insight, inspiring ideas, learning lessons, and visions for the future.

It’s hard to realize your perspective is unique. But it’s important to recognize that everyone here has something to say, something we should learn from. The individuals profiled on Sola2050.org are the wisdom-keepers of South Louisiana. They are you and me. Their stories are our story. LISTEN, LEARN, EXPLORE

SoLa2050.org is made possible by generous support from the Louisiana Environmental Action Network and a grant from the Blue Moon Fund